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nothingis_s0und's Journal

Nothing Is Sound
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Nothing Is Sound is an LJ music-sharing community brought to you by Lana - </a></b></a>ellieicons.

1. COMMENT. When you download something, we ask that you please comment to that entry and tell us exactly what you have downloaded. We don't want the "I took some" crap. You tell us exactly what you take. We spent our time saving, uploading, and posting. All you have to do is show a little respect by commenting, letting us know exactly what you are taking. This is for us to know what is popular, etc. You must comment even if you are a new member going through the memories and downloading music from older posts; always comment, regardless of when it was posted. We still check comments!
2. DON'T SPAM. We ask that you please not spam up the comments. We really don't want to get our e-mail box filled with "I love your icon" crap etc. Only comment to let us know what you have downloaded or if you have a question for us about something related to the post or the community in general. Just keep things on topic, and don't spam.
3. ABOUT REQUESTS. Requests are fine, but don't excessively post requests, and please, only post requests on designated posts.
4. DON'T ASK US TO ADD YOU. Please don't spam the 'members only' entry asking us to add you. All you have to do is join and we will approve you. We approve memberships ASAP.
5. MEMORIES. Once I pick moderators, one or two of you may work on the memories, but until then, I can't promise they will be up-to-date.
6. DELETED LINKS. If you come across a link that has been deleted, please comment to the entry with what you want and one of us will try to upload it for you again. We don't promise anything, but we'll try our hardest to get it back up.
7. EXCLUSIVES. Nothing Is Sound Exclusive means that we went out of our way to upload the song/album. We do this to give you music that you will not often find in other communities or that isn't released. We ask that you do not share our exclusives in any other communities, websites, etc. At least not right away or without permission; wait at least 2 weeks before you do share and when you do, you must state that you got it from </a></b></a>nothingis_s0und. Members not doing so will be banned & reported (we are pretty good at catching people, so don't even try.).
8. POSTS. All posts MUST be made FRIENDS ONLY, which means when you join, you must also befriend the community.

All the files WILL AND MUST be uploaded to MegaUpload or RapidShare or FileFactory simply because a link doesn't go inactive after a week like YSI and isn't limited to a certain amount of downloads. However, a link does expire if it had not been downloaded for a period of 30 days. We will, however, consider the use of other file-hosting sites, just make sure they don't go inactive after a week or a certain amount of downloads.

The RIAA indicates that all music downloaded should be removed after previewing for 24 hours. What you do with the music you collect here is your own responsiblity after then, not ours. Nothing Is Sound holds no liability in any consequence given to you for having any of these files after the 24-hour mark.

none yet. if you would like to become an affiliate e-mail me by clicking here or commenting on the Members Only post. Affiliates will also be found at the top of the community.

Upload to your own server!